Idley Community Guidelines

Here at Idley, we must keep our forums safe and clean for users to easily navigate through posts to most efficiently find the answer to their question, due to that, we have community guidelines you must follow at all times while in the forums and they are listed below.

Rule 1.

You are not allowed to post 18+ / NSFW Content on the forums, posting this type of content will get your forum account suspended.

Rule 2.

While creating a post, please make sure it is about Idley and nothing else, otherwise your post will be locked.

Rule 3.

Do not spam in any way, this includes message spamming, post spamming, comment spamming or any other spamming.

Rule 4.

Do not provide unneeded imagery or text, this includes "memes", custom-font text or anything else deemed unneeded by the community.

Rule 5.

Do not false-flag any posts, this not only causes the staff to get mad at you, but also your account possibly suspended.

Rule 6.

When creating a post, make sure to use the correct tags, or else you may be warned

Rule 7.

Do not do anything illegal on this forum, doing so will not only get all your posts deleted and your account suspended, but also a report written to the country of your residence.

Rule 8.

Swearing and Toxicity is not suggested here and if you swear in your post / comment too much, it can be deleted due to that and a warning being handed out to you.

Rule 9.

Harrassment and Bullying on this forum will not be tolerated and your account will be suspended for that.